Official announcement from the Geocoinfest 2017 Committee

Hello Geocoinfest 2017 Attendees,

We would like to thank each and every one of you for participating in such a wonderful weekend here in Long Beach, California. The weekend has filled our hearts and minds with wonderful memories. Unfortunately, we did have one key issue arise that we would like to address.

The main event coins (3D model of the Queen Mary that sits on a coin base, each with their own trackable code) developed a technical flaw during production, yielding a product that was not expected by the committee or the production team. The final product provided at the event does not meet the standards that Geocoinfest Committee or the AFK (production) team.

  • The metal inlay of the ship design into the base was not crafted properly and this led to a number of chain reaction issues.

We are in the process of working with the AFK team to correct this issue, and they have accepted full responsibility as the producing factory over this error and have promised to correct the issues and remake all pieces. Jesse has personally told me, “We will cover everything including new codes, so everyone gets a second one free. In addition, we will cover shipping cost out to them as well! Let people know they can contact us directly with any questions or concerns at FIX@AFK.US” (This email will get bumped to their product manager, Laura, so that she can follow up on each one.)

It should be stressed that AFK is working eagerly to correct this issue and urges purchasers to have their coins replaced. We, the Geocoinfest committee, urge you to go to and fill out the information that we need so AFK can replace your Geocoinfest coins. This will ensure that we have the correct address to ship your coins to. Without this info, we will not be able to cross reference your information & order # and will not be able to get you the coins you deserve.  

Your coins will have a replacement made, whether yours has the above-mentioned error or not.  Geocoinfest and AFK want everyone to be 100% happy with their coins. Please keep the coins you have now and, soon, you will receive a replacement for each coin you have. 

Again, please accept my sincere apology and know that the AFK team will make this right for everyone involved. We will post a date for ETA of your replacement coin on our Geocoinfest Facebook page, various other Facebook pages, our official website and we will send out a mass email for everyone we have an email for. We ask for your patience until we get more information.


Josh Broadwater