Ansley Gordon - "Treasure"


About ansley gordon

ANSLEY GORDON was born in Atlanta, GA and moved to Florida at the age of three. From a young age she showed a passion for performing and began dancing, doing gymnastics, acting, and learning music. Her parents quickly learned that Ansley’s passion was acting and put her in a regional production of The Wizard of Oz at the age of 3. She then continued to dance and act in local and regional theatre until the at of 12 when she began to train for television and film. She has starred in multiple commercials and independent films throughout the Southeast Region and has appeared nationally on television shows such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend  (CW), Survivors Remorse (STARZ), and in an upcoming episode of Louis CK (FOX).

about the movie

Treasure is a coming-of-age story about Erica (Ansley Gordon). Still reeling from losing her mother to cancer, she is aloof and distant from her father. One night, Erica attends a party and goes too far with the drinking. She runs her car off the road and is taken to the hospital. Since this is her first offense she avoids jail time by doing community service. Ramona, her case worker, sets her up to fulfill her obligation at a soup kitchen run by Angela. Erica hates working there, feeling that she is being unfairly punished. But a new friendship based on a love for geocaching and the realization that the patrons of the soup kitchen are much worse off than she has ever been leads Erica to question her old attitudes towards the meaning of life.

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ansley gordon will attend Geocoinfest 2017 - Long beach

Everyone who attends GEOCOINFEST 2017 aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California will have the chance to meet Ansley Gordon.  She will be at the main event on Saturday (Geocoinfest 2017... Welcome Aboard!) to meet and talk with everyone.  She will also be at the West Coast premiere of the movie "Treasure"  with two screenings: 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm.  Each screening will be followed by a Q&A session with writer and producer Chris Williamson. Please show your support for Chris and Ansley by attending Geocoinfest 2017 and having a great time aboard the Queen Mary.