12:45 PM - GSAK: The Basics
3:15 PM - GSAK: Beyond Basics

GsmX2 (G. Scott Miller) will be teaching two 60-minute GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) courses at GeoCoinfest 2017. GSAK–The Basics is for the new user or the geocacher who says, “I tried GSAK, but just didn’t understand it.” Scott will present many of the built-in GSAK features that help a geocacher plan, execute and log their geocaching adventures, including ways to use GSAK with iOS and Android smartphones. Even experience GSAK users can benefit from attending this class.

GSAK: Beyond Basics is for the user that says, “I use GSAK, but am just scratching the surface.” Scott delves into some of the hidden features built into GSAK and introduces the power of macros showing two that use the capabilities of Google Maps to plan an efficient route.

The core of each class is a well-crafted multipage handout that outlines every topic in essentially click-by-click instruction. Scott uses PowerPoint to verbally introduce each topic and then screen shots or recorded screen videos so the class gets visual reinforcement. When the class is over, the handout makes a good reference of what was taught.

Scott has presented GSAK eleven times at six different Megaevents, plus about a dozen local classes. He says, “Each time I teach, I update and revamp the class to make it more efficient and effective. With the addition of “on screen videos”, I believe I have finally found the right formula and look forward to presenting at this year’s GeoCoinfest.”

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